Lessons, Charts & Transcriptions



Olli Soikkeli’s solo Joseph-Joseph-PDF

Joseph-Joseph breakdown



1st Noel-22

La Gitane~2013-pdf

Basic G.J. Chords PDF

All of me-melody-PDF

‘Rêves d’Automne’ Transcription

Exactly like you-melody

Exactly Like You-Django’s solo-PDF

Nuages (Melody)2

you’d be so nice-solo-etude  

You’d be so nice [melody]2

While We’re Young

‘MSG’ ‘Django’s Valse’

All of me-etude

Perf notes- All of Me


Tchavolo Swing [pg1]10-11-12

Tchavolo Swing-2[10-11-12]

20 thoughts on “Lessons, Charts & Transcriptions

  1. Chet Arrista

    Any chance of getting you to post audio or video of you playing the transcriptions? It’s not easy to play through some material having never heard it…plus, your playing is sublime and a lesson in itself. VLOG! VLOG!

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, I hope to be adding some videos. [I may need to add more hours to my days]!
      I’ll keep you posted,

  2. Menno van der Reijden

    Barry, you do add a bit up to the musicnotation crowd out there on the web. But what I like is that these are your own transcripts. So I humbly compliment you on your work which makes things easier for us laymen.
    😉 Menno

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, happy to help! Please feel free to help get the word out for my work.

  3. Frank Damico

    You’ve been BOOKMARKED!

    By the way, it’s pretty rare to see a photo of the Mermaid Inn before Sunset. I’m forwarding a copy to a West Coast friend just to prove it can happen.

  4. Jeffrey

    Many thanks for sharing your insights and transcriptions! …
    Found yr charts very accessible for my slow jammer ability level…
    Any suggestions on improving the sound of the basic chords (F,C,etc)? They sound so dull in the midst of the
    the Min7, or 7ths…
    Found you thru the DC Gypsy Jazz Meetup group, who you so kindly shared yr site with…
    Hopefully your group will make it down here for a gig in the future…
    Again thanks

  5. paul

    Thanks so much for your All of Me ee! Tab and notes. A great place to start for us mortals. Best wishes – i’ll work hard.

  6. merriammusicinc

    Hey! Thanks for making all of this work public! I’ve gone through your Django transcription and found it very easy to read through because of how well laid out it is. I wish there were more people putting their hard work up on sites like this to spread their knowledge around. Very much appreciated. Do you have much of your own music up online that I could check out? Thanks again!

  7. Simo Merne

    Barry: Compliments from Finland on the specimens of your sublime guitar playing and many thanks for the transcriptions coming from the great city where I studied at the U. of Penn in the 1960s. Simo

  8. Tim Gregory

    Wow, this is impressive! I’ve been meaning to learn more about playing Gypsy Jazz music for a long time. I will definitely utilize these tabs. Thank you!

  9. Mark Griffith

    Thanks for your generosity. I am just getting started with this style and finding so many resources available..really speaks to the willingness of this community to help each other learn the style. Much appreciation!


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